Social Sciences

Social Sciences responds to complex relevant global, national, and local problems in order to develop skills that empower students to act creatively, collaboratively, and ethically.

The programme from Year 9 to 13 aims to analyse local and global issues critically and from multiple perspectives, enabling students to understand how differences affect perceptions, judgements, and ideologies. Students engage in a variety of contexts  from local issues such as road safety at nearby intersections, to global problems like poverty and climate change. For each context, students are encouraged to investigate new ideas and solutions.

In the senior school, Social Sciences is split into distinct disciplines which enable students to engage more deeply with specific content - Commerce, Geography, and History. In all three senior subjects, students have the opportunity to work with real world
situations which allow them to develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that employers value in the workplace.

Social Sciences enables students to develop digital proficiencies, global competencies, and problem solving skills that are highly sought after.




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