All students are able to access a balanced curriculum underpinned by the New Zealand Curriculum as evidenced by their progress and achievement in relation to NCEA, National Standards and other assessment tools.

Banded classes: Students in year 9 & 10 who are achieving at a high academic level may be grouped with students of simailar ability for extension in Maths, English, Science and Social Studies.

Supported Learning: Students who are struggling to achieve at the expected curriculum level are supported in several ways to close the gaps and reach their academic potential:

  • Literacy Tutor - Year 7 & 8 students reading two or more years below their expected reading age receive tuition using Multi-Lit and other resources
  • Buddy Reading - reading mileage (with seniors) for students who need more reading skills
  • Supported Learning - Year 9 & 10 students needing curriculum support in Maths or English work on an adapted programme with a specialist teacher
  • Bring your own device