In Science at Geraldine High School we focus on students gaining scientific skills and life skills, based around the key competencies.

Our goal is to make science available and tangible to all students. This is so students have at least a basic understanding of the nature of science when they leave our school and move onto their next adventure in life. 

In order to do that we are constantly working to connect with and engage our students in science. We have specialist, forward thinking and dedicated teachers in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, who work collaboratively to continually adapt our programmes to meet the needs and interests of our students. We want learning to be relevant for students, whether it be pre NCEA learning or NCEA.

Science badges, Science certificates and Science Fair are ways we encourage students to use their interests in collaboration with Science - some examples of topics are photography/filming, farming, food, and building/engineering. Students are provided new laboratories to work in, with practical work being used in the programmes as much as possible.

Extension and interest activities are offered which students can choose to be a part of.